Ever want to take a picture so breathtakingly and passionately beautiful, that you immediately ordered a cam drone from Ebay and have an hour of fun with it? No? Then maybe you should buy a camera drone.

Person: Why would I waste my money on camera drones?

Camera Drone Owner: Because why not? You waste tons of money on fast food and other useless stuff like fidget spinners, but why not a camera drone?

Person: Because I don’t…have any use for it?

Camera Drone Owner: Camera drones aren’t limited to being a drone and a camera…It also flies!

No, on a serious note, why wouldn’t you want to own a camera drone, anyway? Aside from being useful in taking incredible shots, you could do a lot of things from having a camera drone.

Here’s a little list of what you can do with a camera drone:

  1. Take bird’s eye view scenery pictures

Because it takes pictures and it can fly, what more can you expect? It’s definitely one of the must have gadgets. You can take breathtaking pictures, record yourself with the drone while flying it or just dress it up with a really horrifying look, and make it run on the high on the dead of the night, scaring unwary civilians.

  1. Create movies

Most movies use high-end drones and large and tall mobile structures to film aerial footage, as well as choppers to keep track of the filming. With these drones, you can create aerial footages of movies you want to do or to recreate.

  1. Make hoverboards

Five or six drones can support a pretty average weighing human and make him fly to the sky. It’s nothing new since one guy tried it and it worked pretty nice. You too, can be that guy and fly about 10 feet higher above the ground.

  1. Play Kingsman

You know that techy, James Bond-ish modern spy, secret agent, action movie Kingsman, yes? Well, you can be that Kingsman agent without too much hassle of fighting a whole mob of crazies’ church members. One trick is to get a camera drone. You’ll never run of fun from spying on your neighbors or just constantly be doing a UFO-like scene and make people believe that UFOs do exist, but in the form of drones.

  1. Pranks

Play harmless pranks from totally harmless pranks up to totally destructive ones. Did you know, you could modify you drones to be refitted with remote control, deployable firecrackers that can be fired upon, using a controller device, which is similar to a jet that unloads missiles? If yes, then you’re most likely on CIA’s watch list at this moment, you rebellious genius.

Anyways, that’s just for the few things you could do with camera drones. Not really limited to just flying and taking Instagram pictures of your adventures, or doing creative movie scenes on low budget. There’s always a reason to buy one, and if the reason isn’t one on the list, maybe you need to make a reason to buy it, like creating X-Wing flight videos and sell it to Star Wars enthusiasts who will really pay some hefty sum of dollars for such a low budget, yet creative movie scenes. Especially since the Last Jedi movie will be released soon. And it’s not really limited to just 6 of the things you could do. Most likely, you’ll have more than 20 more to do, but be careful not to be jailed while having fun. You CANNOT bring your drones to jail. (Kidding!)

Good luck on finding the best drones for your fun.